Strategic Planning

Most organizations derive strategic approaches predicated on two fundamental factors: Deliberate Strategy and Emergent Strategy. Each of these lenses are influenced, in part, by an organization’s decision making, fostered by either the cost structure or size threshold of the opportunity. At CCG, we utilize time tested methodologies coupled with the tools and efficiencies afforded us today to provide insights and structure to strategic design and implementation.

Vision Development and Mapping

Strategy, Interface & Architecture Life Cycle Management

Executive Leadership Advisory, Engagement, Reporting

Enterprise Resource Planning Design, Management, Optimization

Marketing and Communications Solutions Design

Implementation and Monitoring


Management Consulting

Understanding the fundamental nature of organizations and subsequently the many resources that comprise them are a hallmark in our approach in providing consulting support and designing solutions to improve performances. The challenges many of our clients face are primarily a byproduct of threats to resources (technical, financial, and/or human), where the structure of those resources and systems have been compromised- intentionally or otherwise.

Business Process Modeling & Optimization

Application, Software & DevOps Lifecycle Management

Operational Risk Management

Strategic Planning, Evaluation & Validation

Certified Lean Six Sigma Practices

Agile Management

Program Management


Organizational Development

It’s often said that “change is the only constant.” For many, that concept is from the perspective of the receiving end of the change initiative and not serving as the catalyst to and for change. By modeling the potential improvements in an organization by virtue of forecasting shifts in consumers, industries, and markets, our clients are able to adjust and position themselves prior to the necessity of change.

Business Process (Re)Design

Change Management