The CCG Method: Intentional, Proactive, and Strategic

Cadre Consulting Group (CCG) was created to deliver a unique advisory experience to our clients. We design solutions that address real issues, not symptoms. The notion of warming up old methodologies and making convenient tweaks to ‘offer’ clients marginally well-fitting solutions to address issues has never been good enough for us.

CCG works to diligently define ‘The Job to be Done’ and reframe client challenges, by focusing on the core issues that source the pain points. We are adept at reframing the solution paradigm to hone in on emerging opportunities that the causal factor identification uncovers. We serve clients via our 3 core offerings:

  • Strategic Planning, predicated on the fundamental factors of Deliberate and Emergent Strategy
  • Management Consulting, structurally rooted in understanding your organization, its systems, and resources
  • Organizational Development, modeled proactively through forecasting shifts and required improvements

Each of these pillars supports the foundation of most organizations, and therefore require due attention and support.

Take a closer look at our services to see how they may benefit you or your organization.

Throughout the past 2 decades, our relationships have nurtured many successes in many entities. We are well versed in addressing challenges today because of our work in the Federal, Commercial and Financial sectors. The many lessons learned have been captured, catalogued and cultured as part of our corporate DNA.

Our ideal clients are individuals and companies who need help defining strategies for success and creating a plan for implementation. We work to map deliberate outcomes, as well as identify emergent opportunities. We’d love to work with you if you can relate to the following:

Your company has been so focused on serving their clients, your voice and your “why” may get lost. Let us help reestablish the company voice and recalibrates leadership to ensure the organization internally is thriving.

You are a mature company within your market, yet seek to improve potential outcomes by adjusting to external factors. We guide you through positioning and forecasting prior to the inevitability of having to adjust.

Looking for a combination of the above, or something more personalized? Let’s schedule a conversation to explore an option tailored for you.